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  • Sellers/tenants cannot be in the home during the appointment. This virus seems to thrive on physical proximity, so this is a difficult but necessary policy. I know this is difficult, especially for families with small children, but it is difficult to maintain social distancing when others are in the home.  Please ask sellers to take a stroll, wait in the car, or schedule the appointment while they are away.  For everyone's safety, I will not enter the home until it has been vacated by the sellers. The agent may be in the home as long as social distancing is observed.

  • The home must be shoot-ready on arrival.  Unfortunately, unlike my normal process, I will not shuffle any items (i.e. garbage cans, toothbrushes, dog bowls, etc..) as I shoot.  Please understand, this restriction will be difficult for me as well, but it is essential to limit my footprint in the house.  Please review my Home Preparation Checklist with the seller to have the home ready to shoot. 

  • Dogs and cats must be crated or kept in the garage or separate part of the house that is not being photographed during the appointment.

  • Protective Gear: I will be disinfecting my hands before each shoot and wearing a face mask, gloves and disinfected rubber booties in the home.  

  • The real estate agent is responsible for ensuring that the property is in shoot-ready condition and that the sellers/tenants comply with the requests above. I strongly encourage all agents to be present at the appointment to ensure a smooth photo shoot for everyone.

*This page will be updated regularly as policies and procedures changes.

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